WHO warns the whole world about patients who have been cured of Corona virus!

Due to the lockdown caused by Corona virus, the entire world economy has suffered heavily. In order to revive the economy, many countries are considering loosening lockdowns on the basis of immunity passports and risk-free certificates. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of this move as a big threat to the whole world.

WHO said that there have been many such cases around the world when corona victims have become infected again after recovering. In such a situation, how can it be believed that people will not fall prey to this infection and they are completely safe.

The Health Organization said, ‘These types of schemes will increase the risk of corona worldwide. Also, people will stop taking precaution regarding their immunity. Some governments have considered allowing such people to return to work.

So far, more than 29.5 million corona virus positive cases have been reported worldwide. In these, more than two lakh people have died. So far, no evidence has been found that the virus will not attack those people who have developed antibodies after recovering from the infection.

The WHO said that in most of the cases, corona infected patients have not been affected by this disease again. Antibodies are present in the blood of these people. At the same time, there are some people in which the antibody level has been found very low and this virus is attacking those people again.

A conclusion was also found that T-cells present in the body’s immune system are also effective in fighting infected cells. However, it has not been confirmed yet that in the presence of antibodies, the immune will further provide the ability to prevent virus infection.

The worldwide guidelines regarding corona virus are based on some or the other study. Since some new information is coming out everyday about this virus, so the guidelines can also be changed with time.

In such a situation, the governments of all countries should avoid making such rules regarding the falling economy before the danger is averted. It would be risky to give concessions to those people within whose antibodies have developed under immunity passports.

Last week, the Chilean government, taking a decision amid this rapidly spreading epidemic in the world, has said that those who have recovered after the infection will issue a ‘Health Passport’. Officials said that people whose antibodies to the virus will be found in their bodies can return to work.

Similarly, restrictions are not strictly taken in Sweden. In this country, the scientists themselves say that the immunity level of people living in less restrictions will be better than those who are living in more restrictions.

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