Shiv Sena MP to sit in 5th row of opposition camp in Lok Sabha during winter session, also changed seats in Rajya Sabha

The MPs of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha of the party will be seen sitting in opposition during the winter session after the Shiv Sena’s separation from the ruling NDA at the Center after the Maharashtra Assembly elections. All Shiv Sena MPs will now get chairs in the queue of opposition.

The BJP has also not invited the Shiv Sena to the NDA meeting to be held on Sunday afternoon before the winter session of Parliament. Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut currently used to sit in the number 38 seat in the Rajya Sabha on the ruling side. According to sources, he will now sit on the 198 number seat in the opposition queue. The chair of two other Sena Rajya Sabha MPs will also be around Sanjay Raut.

At the same time, the seating arrangement of 18 Shiv Sena MPs in the Lok Sabha has also been done in the opposition queue. According to sources, he will get a chair in the fifth row. Every time the NDA meets to decide the strategy before the Parliament session.

The BJP-led NDA has a meeting on the first Sunday afternoon of the Parliament session, which begins Monday. The BJP has not invited the Shiv Sena to this important meeting due to breaking ties even after the simultaneous elections in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut has also said that the party will no longer participate in any NDA meeting.

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