Motihari, Bihar: Harsiddhi – The ration of poor is being illegally stocked by PDS dealer himself

Harsiddhi (Bihar):The entire country was locked down due to Corona incident. After the first, second, now the third phase of lockdown has also started. The biggest impact of this lockdown has been on the laborers and poor sections. The main challenge for marginalised section is to procure food. In many places the situation is such that there is nothing to eat nor home to live. One has to survive by staying in a hut under compulsion. Due to the blessings of God, government has provided ration for two times to eat, but now that is also being illegally stocked by PDS dealers and poor are forced to sleep poor hungry stomach. Surprisingly, even after orders from the government, such people are not deterred from rigging. One such case has emerged from Bihar.

The case is of Pannapur Ranjita village of Harsiddhi police station area of East Champaran district, where even after the government order, the dealers distributing government ration are concerned about their own house. The ration which was to be distributed among the poor is being stocked by the dealer himself. In fact, Uday Kumar Das, son of Mohan Das, resident of the same village, who owns the government ration distribution shop. The entire ration is being kept by himself. This story of rigging is not today, if the villagers are to be believed, for the last several months, Uday Kumar Das has been taking ration on the ration card of the people himself, and if anyone is raising voice for this, then he or she is being threatened. .

Biltu Patel, husband of Devi, a resident of village Pannapur Ranjita, is stranded in Punjab due to lockdown, so no one knows from where the money will come to the family. The government ration distributing shopkeeper is taking advantage of her husband’s being in Punjab. He knows very well that there is no one to take care of this woman’s rights. The woman’s allegation is that he is putting his own thumb impression during the process of taking ration through people’s ration card on behalf of Uday Kumar Das. This means that the poor are dying without food grains and people who distribute such government rations are filling their stomachs first. The woman said that this game of loot has been going on for several months.

Not only this, when the people of the village went to BDO to oppose it, BDO also assured to take action against the shop owner, but this thing is going to happen for a week but neither BDO’s The lice are not crawling on the ears, nor has any action been taken against Uday Kumar Das. Whenever the villagers ask BDO about this matter, they defer the matter by making some excuse. In such a situation, no one is listening to those poor families nor they have got the ration of their right till now. Angry villagers say that now they will take up the movement and not only Uday Kumar Dealer but the administration will also demand action against BDO and SDM.

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