Girl sent her nude photo to thousands of people, collected crores of donations

A girl collected about Rs 5 crore by sending her nude photos online to the people. The 20-year-old girl says that the people sent to the charity will be helped by the fire-ravaged people.

Let us know that due to the severe heat and drought, Australia has been under severe fire for many months. So far there has been a fire in 60 lakh hectare area. Many people have lost their homes and property. Through the charity organization, they can be helped to resettle.

However, when the girl announced on Twitter that she would send her nude photos to people after sending 700 rupees, she also faced a lot of opposition. But the girl continued the campaign despite all the threats.

20-year-old Kellan Ward has said that his Instagram account has been deactivated after the announcement of sending nude photos. At the same time, his parents and some friends also kept distance from him.

Kellan lives in Los Angeles, USA and has appealed to help those devastated by the horrific fire in Australia. But not many people like the campaign to collect money through nude photos.

Many people have sent objectionable messages to Kellan and have also threatened rape. However, Kellan believes that he had the best idea to help the victims.

Kellan told his fans on social media that whoever wants to help, must send at least 700 rupees directly to the charity institution of Australia. After this, the fund transfer receipt will have to be messaged.

Shortly after the appeal, hundreds of people sent messages on Kellan’s social media. In 24 hours, about 20 thousand messages came to him.

At the same time, after the post went viral on Instagram, his account was deactivated. After this Kellan created a new account. But on Monday, he told that both his accounts have been removed.

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