Delhi Metro: Now 2 types of metro will run in Delhi, passengers will also be able to travel in 3 coach train

Delhi Metro: The trains of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation have become the lifeline for over 40 lakh people of Delhi-NCR at present. Along with this, DMRC has been continuously increasing its facilities along with its journey. In this episode, along with Delhi, NCR passengers are also going to get a big gift. In fact, in Delhi, people will now be able to travel in 4-coach metro train and 3-coach light metro. This will be a different experience for the people of Delhi-NCR, because for the last more than one and a half decade, metro passengers are traveling in the 4-coach metro.

Light Metro will run on the Rithala-Bawana-Narela route

Now, out of the three corridors in the fourth phase of the metro, only the Light Metro or Metro Light will run on the Rithala-Bawana-Narela route, while the remaining 2 corridors in three will operate only with 4 coaches. This will not only benefit the DMRC financially, but people will get experience of traveling in metro lights. It may be that the fare is also less, although DMRC officials say that the work of fixing the fare is to be done in the last phase, so nothing can be said from now.

Truth revealed in DPR

The running of a three-coach light metro on a corridor in three has been revealed in the Detail Project Report prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. This report has been made on the direction of the Union Urban Development Ministry. In fact, the DPR of the DMRC has been amended on the instructions of the Central Government, in which it has been said to run a light metro on one of the three corridors and a normal metro train with 4 coaches on 3.

According to the information received, the revised DPR mentions running the light metro on the 21.73 long corridor (Rithala-Bawana-Narela). Apart from this, on the remaining 2 corridors, Lajpatnagar to Saket ji block and Indraprastha to Indralok corridor, it has been said that it is not possible to run light metro on the three-coach light metro. Perhaps this is being done due to a more congested corridor.

Decision will be taken after Delhi elections

It is being told that this DPR is currently with the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, but it is less likely to get approval before March. The biggest reason behind this is the Delhi Assembly Election-2020. Actually, the Election Code of Conduct has come into force from 7 January in Delhi. In such a situation, now the new government in Delhi will decide on this DPR. It will be sent to the Central Government only after the approval of the Delhi Government and work on it will start after approval from there.

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