COVID-19 pandemic that has caused turmoil in the industry says Geeta Singh

Ms. Geeta Singh – Founder and Director of one of the leading Image Consultancy in Delhi, TYC Communication – has a story that could easily become a best-selling novel. She’s one of those people who never think twice and never flinch before jumping into a stormy ocean with nothing but a surfboard. But what’s truly impressive about her is that every time she gets knocked down, she swims her way to the surface, grabs the surfboard and begins to ride the wave again – stronger and more fierce. Many people talk about taking failures as lessons but Geeta truly lives and thrives in this ideology. Being a woman in such a dynamic, male-dominated market, she has faced more than her fair share of hardships, but her iron-will, solid principles and unwavering determination have seen her through every trouble.

She envisioned and incorporated TYC Communication as a proprietorship firm in the field of translation and content development in the year 2012. Later, in 2014, TYC Communication developed into a private limited company with a bigger communication and brand image perception gamut, offline and online landscapes.

Today, Geeta Singh is an inspirational leader and a source of motivation to her ever enthusiastic team of more than 40 committed professionals whose collective efforts brought recognition as well as clients to one of the fastest growing brand management firms in India.

Her impressive ideas and unflinching commitment always helped her to position TYC Communication amongst the most professional relation building agencies. In consequence, TYC Communication is proud to serve more than 200 reputed brands in different domains.

Before establishing her dream venture (TYC Communication), she avidly served some of the best media groups in India. Her vast experience, undying spirit and commitment to accomplish goals within deadlines have helped many big brands in engendering success.

These achievements are even more impressive when you consider that the company started with just a measly sum of Rs 50,000 in a ramshackle room with just one other employee besides Geeta, and now, it boasts a turnover of over 7 crores!

But Geeta’s claim to fame was no smooth ride. Born in the very traditional family of Uttaranchal where girls are not allowed to take decisions of their lives and are usually thrust into the institution of marriage at a very young age. Geeta also came across too many cultural and familial challenges, but her ambitions were more powerful than social stigmas. After graduating in Political Science (H), she completed a 2 year diploma in Mass Communication and got trained at some of the most reputed media houses in the country. Although her entrepreneurial journey started with innumerable constraints, her passion never allowed her to give up the dreams.

There were some major hiccups along the way too that she had to persevere through, and she thoroughly credits her team for standing by the company through those tough times. Throughout her journey, Geeta has faced many ups and downs, which involve some truly heartbreaking betrayals, but she doesn’t believing in harbouring grudges and takes them as learning experiences.

On the surface, Geeta may come off as battle-hardened but deep down, she is sensitive, caring and empathetic, which is perhaps the reason that most of the senior employees at TYC Communication have stood by the organization for more than 6 years and are highly satisfied working under the leadership of Geeta Singh.

If you want to learn about leaders, you should look at the people who follow them, and the team at TYC Communication is a treasure trove of talent, professionalism and dedication. Geeta believes in hiring candidates who know more about their field than she does, because she believes it helps learn and get better as a leader.

Geeta is a realist, but unlike many realists who are prone to becoming cynical, Geeta exudes optimism. When she says she wants to make TYC Communication one of the top 5 communication agencies in the world, you know that it isn’t just lip service – you know that she means it! She has taken many hits in her life but she has always been able to get back on her feet, and even the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused turmoil in the industry, hasn’t been able to dent her confidence in herself and her company. If anything, she has doubled her efforts and has inspired her team to do the same.

Geeta truly is an inspiration for all the women entrepreneurs in India, and her journey, which is still going strong, suggests that if you keep working towards your goals and ignore all the inevitable negativity around you, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

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